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We are fast approaching that time of year…yes folks, family, food, fun…and oh yeah, opinions about everything…it’s the holidays!  We love the holidays because it’s the time of year that brings people together, friends and family in particular.  We laugh, drink and eat.  We host parties, we go to parties and spend meaningful time together…and this is no reason to let our wine suffer!


Gathering with large groups can make it difficult for hosts to try and please all palates and preferences.

So, should we just say:

“Forget it! I’ll serve what I like, and you can deal with it!” (maybe..) of course not.

Pleasing the group palate is far less about specificity as it may be for an individual and it is all about versatility.  Selecting wines that do not present extremes in any direction are important.  Consider the food and the audience, but don’t get lost in the tyranny of pairing requirements, pleasant and accessible characteristics should win out.

Here are some great choices from Shady Lane Cellars for your holiday season!

2013 Shady Lane Cellars Dry RieslingDry Riesling (1)

Brightly balanced with hint of apricot, melon and lime zest with hints of honeysuckle on the finish this dry, yet fruit forward white offers a crowd pleasing blend of crisp acidity and ripe fruit notes. It delights with food, but stands strongly on its own and will appeal to a broad range of palettes. Pair with a variety of cuisine (and guests) this holiday season!







2014 Shady Lane Cellars Pinot Noir RoséPinot Noir Rose

Soft with subtle notes of strawberry, orange blossom and vanilla this delicate rosé offers a versatile companion to your holiday season.  Limited skin contact during fermentation allows for a balance of berry and fruit notes typical of red wines, and light lush acidity and body of white wine.  Classically paired with Thanksgiving fare, this dry rosé will enhance any experience.







2013 Shady Lane Cellars Franc 'n' FrancFranc N Franc

This dry blend of Bläufrankisch, Cabernet Franc and Merlot is sure to satisfy all of your red wine needs this holiday season.  Medium bodied with lush notes of berry are balanced by floral notes of black pepper and subtle earth tones.  Powerful enough to stand up to even the richest of cuisine, yet soft and accessible to please any palate, this proprietary blend will match all of your holiday needs.






Rick DeBlasio

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General Manager - Shady Lane Cellars

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